Total Knee Replacement

If the osteoarthritis in the knee joint has progressed too far, the only option left is to crown the knee joint

Modern partial and full knee replacement

knee resurfacing

If conservative treatment has not led to any improvement in symptoms, the only option left in many cases is to perform a crowning of the affected area. A distinction is made here between partial crowns (sled prosthesis, partial prosthesis, unicondylar gliding surface replacement) and complete crowns (knee prosthesis, bicondylar surface replacement). Nowadays, this operation is considered to be the best and most sustainable method of effectively treating knee osteoarthritis.

In an artificial knee joint, the worn sliding and surface (i.e. the damaged articular cartilage) of the knee joint is replaced. The necessary components are made of metal (cobalt-chromium alloy) or titanium. The menisci are then replaced with a highly cross-linked polyethylene. An artificial joint is usually fixed in place with bone cement, although there is also the option of a cementless version, which has not proved successful. The artificial joint inserted in the body is held together stably by the patient's own knee ligaments, and muscle strength ensures free extension and flexion. Today, more than half a million artificial knee joints are implanted each year worldwide.

Robotic (Mako SmartRobotic Technology, Stryker) and Individual Implants

At the ATOS Hospital in Heidelberg, I was the first surgeon in the entire region to perform this specialized surgery using Mako SmartRobotic technology.

With this supportive technique, partial dentures or full dentures can be inserted much more securely and precisely, so that a perfect position of the implant can be achieved. In particular, mobilization and return to normal activity can be significantly accelerated by these two care I offer.

I also have the possibility to provide my patients with individual implants, which are tailor-made for the respective knee joint. This is done by means of a previously performed CT scan, with the help of which a patient-specific implant is then manufactured.

Prof. Thorey was the first surgeon in the entire metropolitan region
who performed this specialized surgery with Mako SmartRobotic technology

Total Knee Replacement

Knee revision surgery

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