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What treatments I can offer you

Complaints in the hip and knee joints can significantly limit the quality of life of a person who is active in sports and also normally active. In many cases, those affected only need a good diagnosis and recommendation from an expert so that they can return to their usual activities.

In many cases, this can be treated conservatively with special exercises or perhaps further therapies such as injections or physical measures.

If the complaints persist and even worsen, they can be improved in many cases by joint-preserving surgical measures. Arthroscopies (joint endoscopies) can be used to treat damage to both the joint and the cartilage and thus restore joint function.

If the wear of the cartilage has progressed too far, the only option is often joint replacement or resurfacing of individual parts of the joint.

In recent years I have been able to successfully help many of my patients with hip and knee disorders.

I am happy about every patient who is satisfied after my treatment and can do the desired activity again.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my range of treatments.

Prof. Fritz Thorey, MD

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